Management Consulting

We believe our most valuable service to you is our consulting service. We often operate as a sounding board for our clients when they are making those decisions that affect the direction and future of their businesses. We provide advice and insight on both the financial and non-financial performance of an organization's operational and strategic processes. Every business knows where they want to be, sometimes they just do not know how to get there.

We will advise on realistic goals with timeline constraints in order to help businesses grow. This is accomplished through leadership and expertise in business consulting. We provide advice and insight on both the financial and non-financial performance of an organizations operational and strategic processes. We provide a variety of services that add value to organizations and individuals by interpreting a wide range of financial information, such as:

  • Tax Returns
  • Financial Reporting
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Financial & Estate Planning
  • Compilations

Purchasing Support

Provide understanding of what and how much to purchase and provide a cost to sales ratio to assure a positive gross profit rate.

Cash Flow Management

This area works hand in hand with accounts payable and accounts receivable overview. Knowing when bills are due and when receivable will be collected allows you to effectively manage cash flow and determine how much cash is needed for operating expenses. Cash flow management also assists in showing best time for capital expenditures.

Budget & Forecast Planning

A budget is a plan that outlines an organization's financial and operational goals. Planning a budget plays an important role in determining your start up and operating costs. We will assist you in setting up realistic budget cost specifically designed for your business.

Process Flow Development

Process flow development is the fundamental rethinking and reimplementation of business processes to achieve never-before-possible levels of quality, cost, throughput, and service. This is especially significant in an era of workforce downsizing and greater demands for shortened time to market and faster customer response.

Inventory Setup & Control

Assist from the initial setup of inventory items and the multiple methods of valuation supported, to the types of inventory transactions available. Inventory control is concerned with minimizing the total cost of inventory and how to keep inventory organized.

Personal Financial Statement

Individuals seeking loans are sometimes required by his or her lender to produce a CPA prepared financial statement showing net worth.